What is BlueMail and Why It’s One of The Must-Have Apps for 2017?

What is BlueMail and Why It’s One of The Must-Have Apps for 2017?

If you are like other people who have to juggle with two or maybe three email platforms each working day, then you surely know how hard it is to keep up and move around. There’s an email from a client in Gmail and an update in Yahoo Mail; a reply awaits an email from a customer in Outlook while a personal email from Mom has been left unanswered for weeks! Over the course of the day, dozens of emails would likely pile up in all platforms; most unanswered emails would eventually be disregarded. But you don’t have to live in misery anymore with a new and efficient inbox called BlueMail.  

BlueMail explained

BlueMail is a powerful email management tool that will display all your email from all platforms that you are signed in. Blue lets you take control of your emails and classify them into different clusters.  Placing your mail in clusters will let you manage them more efficiently and of course instantly. And with more features to let you manage work and personal emails easily, BlueMail could be the tool that you have been looking for all this time. 

What makes BlueMail different?

The fact that BlueMail can segregate your email in clusters makes it totally different from other email platform. You can easily find what email to respond to first, what email needs your attention later and of course, which ones need your undivided attention, like that message from Mom sitting on your Gmail inbox for two weeks! 

Other unique features from BlueMail include

  • People-centric inbox 

One reason why BlueMail is considered one of the must-have apps of the year is that it lets you understand your email inbox more by making it look more human. Your inbox does not have to have emails labeled according to subjects and topics. Activate People Mode, BlueMail’s navigation lets you access any account and quickly see what email demands your immediate attention. You can quickly respond to your office colleagues, your supervisor, clients, customers, partners and family members and will never miss anyone ever again.

  • Clustered recipients in a single expanding slot

Most of the time, it’s not that you don’t want to respond to emails but you can’t really find the mails that you need to respond to. With BlueMail’s efficient cluster feature, you will become more productive as ever as you can easily see important people at once. If you have a project currently in the works, just label a cluster according to your group. If you have a family get together happening soon just create a cluster for your group and you won’t miss out on the latest developments. And of course, a cluster expands in one convenient slot so all you need is there, with a tap of the screen. 

  • Easily send emails in groups

BlueMail lets you work in groups in a more efficient manner. With just a tap of an avatar assigned for each mail, you can easily see the recipients of a group email. You can also send a group email to several recipients in one tap and even combine clusters with groups. No need to type one single email address to include a person to a group email letting you work seamlessly and more efficiently.

  • Stylish customizations

No need with a flat, bland email interface anymore. With BlueMail you have endless customizations and a screen that is just yours. Aside from the theme, which is customizable in almost all email platforms, BlueMail adds tools and features to let you manage your mail with ease. And working with an interface that looks inspiring and familiar to you personally makes it more interesting to manage your mail. You will no longer dread looking at your inbox when you use BlueMail email tool. 

  • Get BlueMail in all devices

BlueMail is now available in Android or iOS devices and even on Android Wear and Apple Watch. Enjoy seamless email management wherever you are, in any device when you got BlueMail as your personal email assistant. Also, paid accounts get cloud storage!

  • BlueMail for FREE

And did we fail to mention that BlueMail is free? All these features are available for free and are readily downloadable from Google Play Store and from Apple Store. And just an update, this app has received good ratings online and has been downloaded for more than a million times. Anyone could actually try it out for free anytime and delete it if they are not happy with the app anytime as well. BlueMail Plus is also available and this is for corporate accounts. BlueMail Plus allows custom corporate clusters, a seamless corporate management dashboard, remote lock screen management, corporate contacts synchronization and more.

Getting started on Blue Mail

It is very easy to start using BlueMail whether you are using an Android device or an iOS phone. All you need to do is to make sure that you have adequate space on your phone to start using BlueMail. Download the app and sign up; it would only take a few minutes to do so. You will be asked to log in to your different email accounts to allow BlueMail to access your multiple inboxes beforehand.

Creating clusters and groups is also easy. Just choose the members that you want to include in your cluster or group and BlueMail will do the rest. You can even check out their official site if you need help.

The future with BlueMail

If you have never used BlueMail before then you should start now. Not only will you be able to make email management easier and a lot faster, you save time and effort as well. Spend more time running your business, minding your projects and getting your life more organized instead of moving from one email platform to another. It’s time for BlueMail. 

You can try BlueMail risk free and see the difference. It could be the BlueMail best thing that has ever happened to email management and is just waiting to change the way you handle mail forever.